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"In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success”
That's from Proverbs 3:6

That is my prayer for your project at Zimmerman Today.

Advertising does not "cost -- it "pays".

You need to advertise right?

There are lots of places to spend
your advertising dollars these days.

Be Careful! Be sure to get your money's worth.

Zimmerman Today Newspaper advertising is

> timed to a monthly schedule
like the rest of the world.

> your ad is seen by local customers
not by someone who lives in Minneapolis.

> our ads spaces are less expensive.

> you can change your message each issue.

> custom designed ads in full color.

> professional graphic design.

> get your money's worth.

Let's get started - email me!

"The goal of this newspaper is to connect readers with local area businesses by
the use of positive, engaging stories and fresh creative advertising"
Working together we can create a successful connection between the two and impact and inform our community."

Taking Advertiser Submissions Now!

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Full Page - Full Color ads are only $395.00 Normally $750.00


Are these your thoughts, too? The old adage, "It pays to advertise" is still true. Advertising does not "cost -- it "pays".

Your message in Zimmerman Today

Do you need to advertise? The paper was launched to address such questions as these. Rich in Zimmerman area content, your message will be seen by residents in the areas around Zimmerman, Princeton, Orrock and Crown. The paper spotlights business prosperity to ensure high readership through the use of photographic pages, and articles of local interest.

Your goals are our goals

As a designer I’ll make each ad unique in appearance and appeal. Why? Because good messages foster high readership and thus get the most return from each advertising dollar you spend. It would be a privilege to help you advertise your business.

Graphic Design through Visual and Electronic Communication are part of the skill set here. I can also help you get all your copy & printing needs completed too.

Zimmerman Today Newspaper is published every month to 8,000+ US mailboxes in and around the Zimmerman Area.

You might have seen past issues in your mailbox. Perhaps it's time for you to give it a try. Please call me to set up a time to discuss your interest in our ever expanding coverage newspaper. I’d like to show you a full size version so you can really see how effective good designed ads can be.

Zimmerman Today - The Print Shop is ready to help you complete your printing needs. We can help you print, copy, design or publish.

Thanks for your interest. We feel that the Zimmerman Area now has a newspaper that we can call our own! I also offer a place you can get your design needs fulfilled too. You can even email your print and copy jobs to me and I'll deliver them back to you.


Steve Conklin
Designer of Zimmerman Today
My Phone 763-856-4336 and email.

Sell Your Stuff at the Zimmerman's Only City Wide Garage Sales!
That right it says "Sales" as in plural, or more than one.

There are three "Garage Sale" dates each year!
One in the spring, one mid-summer and one in early fall.

Advertise your sale in one, or all three, and you get to be on a big map in the newspaper.

Look for the Garage Sale form in the paper.

Each years signup form will be printed in the newspaper prior months before the sale month
Grab one on off the local newstands in town too.
Free at The Fremont House, Jims Market, Super America, and Holiday.

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